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Are you spending excess time managing subscribers, which involves the recording of new subscribers, and the recording their renewal dates.

You want to send product introduction letters and renewal notices to subscribers whose membership is about to expire.
Most importantly, you should send magazines to subscribers as the latest issue is released. You need to generate mailing labels for subscribers, And that can be accomplished using either districts or states...
We have made a software product that makes a complex job much easier. .. Without this product it would take 20 hours of manual operations to complete, but can be completed in a few hours using our software!
So if you want to save time, which is money, make your job many times easier by using our software product! If you need to update a subscriber information you just need to enter the new information one time, and that will commence the operation of our software, and it will do all the other necessary operation for you!
What takes 20 days of work can be done in hours time .

So your easy solution to completing your tasks for subscribers can be effected using our subscription__manager! . Subscription__Manager is a software that manages subscribers for a magazine publisher.

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Search by member name ,or member number

When a subscriber is entered a unique order number is generated

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Generate dispatch labels

Labels can be generated state wise ,city wise or on any condition..

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Handle Accounts

Generate profit and lose and general ledger..

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Generate required documents easily

Generate introduction Letter,Renewal Notices..

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Crm features

store dispatch related complaints. Assign a task to subscriber. .

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