• About us Magazinecrm?

    Our Motto .

    Mission of magazinecrm.

    Our mission is to help you ease your management of subscribers specially for Magazine publishers. magazinecrm

    This was year 2011 and there were large it companies charging 100,000 us dollars
    for membership management companies . We knew we could provide you quality cost effective solutions at 1 /5 th the price.
    With this in mind we started developing a software to manage subscribers specially for magazine company.
    Our aim is to have satisfied customers globally.
    Year 2012
    We made our specialised software at year 2012 for a magazine company in construction industry.
    They used the software for subcsription and promotion
    . It is a 25 year old company where the process
    was running manually previously. They needed a solution which was running offline.
    Year 2013
    We found our first client for multiple magazines and they also needed our advertisement solution.
    We migrated their data from foxpro to oracle .
    They got 20 employees using our software. They had a specific requirment they needed the software offline.
    Year 2014
    A magazine company a leader in diamond industry wanted a hosted solution .They got branches in multiple places
    and they wanted a solution which runs on internet 24 hours 365 days a year.
    Year 2015
    A magazine company with 10,000 active subscribers and 50000 closed subscribers started using our subscription system.
    Year 2016
    Improved crm in our new version.
    Year 2017
    Improved accounts in new version

    Year 2018
    New version of software is called subscription_manager.
    It got improved dispatch module.
    It has got crm and accounts module in it.
    There are provision to handle expenses generate profit and lose and balance sheet.This version
    has been implemented for the last magazine company.

    They used the software for subscription and promotion

    ceo Paul johny is a oracle certified dba with data architect skills in oracle ,plsql,oracle dba,
    System analyst Sydney pinto Programmer analyst
    Support Staff Binoy Jacob Support Personnel.