• Frequently asked questions?

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    Are you a magazine publisher then use our software to manage subscribers and advertisers

  • Q: What is a benefit for small magazine publisher to use the product?

    Yes you can use the software since you need to save time on generating labels, storing membership information and managing time and you can focus on most important thing that is marketing. Companies both small and large can use the system, Main purpose is to save time and have information in finger tips.

    Q: How can i be sure of privacy and security of my data?

    If you are using our offline system we cannot acess your data. And we understand the importance of your data. The database we use is oracle which makes your data secure. .

    Q: How much time does it take to install the software.?

    One hour. .

    Q: Can i run the product on internet ?

    Yes you can
    Following are the methods and cost involved.
    1 Hosting method .
    You shall use maxapex as the hosting space provider and pay 35 dollars per month
    . They got servers in California (US), Quebec (Canada), Portsmouth (UK), Roubaix (
    France) and Sydney (Australia).
    2 Cloud method
    You can host the software in cloud .
    You can use google cloud , rackspace ,profit bricks ,or microsft azure .

    Reason you shall go for this is you have huge data and need to have full control over>< your data.
    Cons You are responsible for running the product in cloud. Taking backup is your
    3 Hosting your own server on static ip.
    The server resides on your computer and you give it a static ip.
    The server should be running 24 hours if you need a 24 hour acess on the software on
    the internet.

    Different ways of running the software
    1 On internet ..
    2 Server desktop environment
    3 Just on your lapotp or desktop

    Q: What is the support cost ?

    Support cost is 10% of the total cost of product per annum.
    Support involves handling simple doubts.
    If database is shut to restart the database

    I have some doubts on prodcut what can i do ?
    Just email info@magazinecrm.com

    Q: Can you install the software remotley. ? ?

    Yes we use remote control software like Teamviewer to accomplish the same .
    You shall install teamweaver on your pc and we will connect to your pc.
    Download Teamviewer

    Q: What is the software used ? Are the software legal?

    Yes we use jasper server which is open source for
    reports and Oracle xe which is freeware.

    Why should we buy your product
    We are in industry from past 7 to 8 years.
    We have specliased software for subscription ,advertisement ,crm and accounting.
    All our customers have been using our product for past 7 years happily and continously.
    How do i get training
    We have videos on our proudct
    Also we can conduct a remote training. .