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Subscription Manager for accounts.
Subscription Managers accounting is a double entry accounting system ,
complete with accounts receivable ,Accounts payable,General Ledger,
Invoicing ,Subscriber payment features.

It is multi user,Multi company and multi currency.
It is easy to use by people who don't have a accounting degree.
If you have a subscriber order enter the order accounting entries are made automatically.
Respective ledgers are affected. The invoice can be customised according to your requirement.
See how your business is performing with customizable reports and dashboard.
Display your income and expenses.
Track your expenses.

Be more productive with its CRM, accounting and membership features.

Trial balance ,Profit and lose and balance sheet is generated by the system.

Trial balance can be used to identify errors..
The debit and credit should tally.
Profit and lose and balance sheet can be generated at a click of a button..