Will you like to add new fields in your Order Form easily?

Flex Fields .Adding Addi tonal fields


Will you like to define additional fields to capture your data?
You can do so easily with automatic column generation feature.

As a business owner or publisher with subscription order you would like to store additional information or additonal fields easily.
Let’s say you organizing a event and you think this subscriber needs to be invited. Or you think this subscriber can be a customer for a particular product.

You would like to capture that information.So every company or magazine publisher can have various type of information which they like to trap.So you can currently define your own fields.

Below is a example for our existing subscription-lite customers on how you can add your own fields.
This facility is possible form Subscription_Order Form.
Now you can add your own fields through our software.

Go to set up
And click on Setup_Custom_Fields
Once done.

New you can see the fields and change the field display name to the name you will like to call the column as. If yo udont need the field to be displayed change mactive field to N.

Click on pencil and you will see the custom table form You have changed the name field001 to Invite_AGM – Invite the subscriber to Annual general meeting .Once you do the change the subscriber order form will have those fields.

You can go to subscription_order form
and you can observe those fields are automatically displayed.
you can enter the respective fields data.

Also in report column the columns you defined have arrived.
Go on collecting the data.
and you can query the data easily in reports.

You can observe how Invite_Agm and Courier_Route were easily added by changing the row and changing name field and also how you can hide a field my setting mactive to n

You have understood it can be very easily done.


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