Jose a new employee makes his difficult job in a magazine company easy.


Mr Jones was very happy since he got a new job offer in a magazine
publishing company .The first day he was not given any job but the employee leaving the job warned him the job is very hectic.

Some of the task he had to do was maintain a record of new subscribers ,Handle renewal of subscribers,etc.He had to send renewal notice document reminding subscribers to renew. The subscribers who subscribed for the magazine will complain of the non delivery of the magazine.And at the end of magazine delivery, the last 10 days of the month he will be busy making magazine dispatch labels since he needed the magazine to be delivered locally, nationally and also internationally.
The subscribers will call on phone too and taking his time like complaints,non delivery ,address change,etc.

He had learnt the art of delegating .He was getting his work done from a intern.But after 3rd month he started observing the renewals were decreasing. Ok then, he realized he had not been sending renewal notices asking expired subscribers to renew.

He understood every job was important and if he did not do one job it had its consequences.The intern was doing mistakes in the job like when he will renew he will overwrite the older data.Also there was not centralized system.
1 Year goes and still he was not able to make a major impact .He unable to take long holidays since his job is very hectic. In the earlier company he was a star and here he is barley managing the show. So then he makes a decision to change .

And so , the first step, he decides of buying a subscription software system.
He knew importance of having a application which can run on internet 24 hours so that, he or his team member can operate from home . Sometimes he needed it to run on offline mode that is without internet .
That was a big requirement for him .The software should also be able to manage multiple magazines and more than 10,000 subscribers.

He purchases subscription_manager from magazinecrm.
This was a product which ran offline and also online on cloud .
Best is, it could be customized according to the companies requirement.
The company purchases the software and then he is able to manage subscribers very easily.Previously when he needed to add new subscriber he had to calculate the expiry period , the amount ,etc all those were
handled very quick via the software .The renewal earlier was time consuming .They had to search for the record etc.Now in a click of a button he could renew the subscribers magazine membership.

Generating labels became super easy from a 10 day process it became a 2 hour process. and 2 hour was spent only for printing.
He got mis reports from which he observed that some subscribers have not been receiving magazine continuously for few months and he could plan to send them via courier. And Also the wait time for subscribers on phone will considerably reduce since all they had to do was search the record.
Previously he used to spend around 2 days a month generating renewal notices . Now again he saved time here .In a click of a button
all the renewal notices were generated reminding current month expired subscriber to renew.
There were some features which he himself didn’t know which the software already had and those were used to manage
subscriber which again saved time .

This all resulted in his saving of time and also appreciation by management for his work.Just one right decision helps in improving your quality of life .Also dealing with a experienced company brings you specialization and safety. Automation helps you make your life easy.

He is now getting his much needed long leave , Also he is able to handle other responsibility easily . When again there is a new employee joining learning the system is more easy. So just taking one right decision on automating his process he has changed and improved his life.


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