• Using facebook to increase subscription? ?

    Using facebook to increase subscription? .

    Using facebook to increase subscription

    Using facebook for increasing subscription.

    Have you as a magazine publisher ever decided to increase subscription via facebook ?
    You can consider it Why Cause there are many publishers who were relativley unknown and after investing in facebook are going great. For example lets see Bonnier Magazine .It is a digital portofolio of 35 magazine titles. They used facebook to increase subscription of its title. The magazine publisher was able to easily reach its targetted crowd usign facebook. Bonnier achieved its campaign goals by focusing on every step of the sales funnel, from awareness and consideration to conversions. The Bonnier team also tailored the Facebook campaigns to its unique needs as a publishing company: high volume and low cost per acquisition.

    Publishers have come to recognize the value of Facebook engagement in reaching and responding to their current and
    potential readers. Facebook defines the engagement rate as the percentage of people who saw a post and reacted to it,
    sharing, clicking, or commenting on it. Page administrators can view the engagement rate for each post and to see
    certain limited demographic statistics on those who “like” the page.

    In order to reach more people and to increase engagement, Facebook suggests using Page Insights to learn how the
    audience is engaging with the posts. The Post Types section will allow you to see the kinds of posts that have the
    highest average reach and engagement.. You can use this information to create more of the types of posts that your
    audience wants to see.

    You can also increase engagement by:
    Offering useful content, rather than simply filling up the columns with your own advertising and promotions.
    Asking questions your readers would want to answer.
    Get a conversation going to increase response.
    Host contests. Use Facebook’s Events Page feature for an attractive and efficient way to organize your contest and
    receive feedback. Offering conference registration. If your magazine is planning a conference, make it possible for people to link to
    your registration form from Facebook.
    Posting on the days and at the times when your users are on Facebook looking for content. This information is
    available in your Page Insights.
    Using Facebook apps to add extra features to your page, including RSS feeds,; quizzes, and contact forms.
    Posting videos.
    Videos get more attention than any other type of post.
    They can be quite short and don’t have to be professional quality.
    Interview authors, record readers’ comments about the magazine or topics covered by the magazine.
    Share appropriate videos from other Facebook users.
    Using pictures with your written posts to grab readers’ attention.
    When you’re busy producing a magazine, keeping up a Facebook page can seem
    like simply another burdensome job.

    Yet a magazine, with its rich content and articulate authors, has more resources to work
    with than most other businesses and is ideal for generating Facebook engagement.