• Journey into Artificial intelligence for magazine publisher

    What is artificial intelligence ? .

    According to Wikipedia it is .
    the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence,.
    such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.
    No one has been able to make a machine which can think for itself.
    Components of Artificial Intelligence
    Machine learning
    The ability to learn on their own without being programmed by using algorithms that churn

    large quantitiesof data .Next flix was able to predict in some series called house of cards to be
    the most downloaded series.. And it happened cause of marhine learning.
    Machine learning comes in several flavors one is supervised flavor and unsupervised learning and third called reinforced learning.
    The machine can learn from data which is structered or unstructured without explicity being programmed.
    absorbing new behaviours and functions over time.
    Neural networks Here the data is gusesed and neurons tweaked to get the correct answer
    "...a computing system made up of a number of simple, highly interconnected processing elements,
    which process information by their dynamic state response to external inputs.”
    For Deep learning you need to have improved mathematical skills some of the skills are
    Linear algebra

    Multi-variable (vector) calculus
    Probability and statistics
    Neuro science and link of artificial intelligence .
    The brain of a person is the most complex mechanism in the full galaxy.
    A brain can think and find various solutions .It is more mysterious than a black hole.
    we still dont know where the consciousness is .
    Which part of the brain is consicousness hiding . It will be impossible for us humans
    to understand the whole part of the brain.
    Evolution is always smarter . Let us understand what the ai has to do it has to have ability to learn.
    Lets compare the energy consumptio nof human brain
    Human brain requires only very less energy comapred to super computers .
    It needs food and it is able to think.
    Super computers are still not able to do this ..
    Our brain process things parallely while computer process things sequentially.
    Next advancement in artificial intelligence is when the quantum computer is created.
    But still it wont have ability to think .
    Fortunately, making sense of data, both structured and unstructured, is something that artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly proficient at.
    While we’re still least decades away from human-level synthetic intelligence—AI that will match the human brain in reasoning and decision making—machine learning algorithms,
    computer vision, natural language processing and generation (NLG/NLP), and other forms of narrow artificial intelligence are proving to be the best complement for human activity.

    The Artificial intelligence scientist will mimic the best to get the features of the brain
    We are using ai wihtout even knowing it
    Self driving cars from Telsa.
    Amazon recommending products .
    Facebook recommending friends.
    Companies providing artificial intelligence 1 Is IBM Watson using ibm watson a robot acts like a receptionist,does conversation,it can creates bots which can
    talk ,etc
    Watson can also help you make descision in marketing the data is picked form social media,different sources
    and then it gives you the opinion. The best part of watson is you can talk to it and it will answer back with
    the data it has.
    The future bots will recognize you by face this is expected dec 2018

    2 Amazon
    If yo use amazon it shows you the product which you likely to buy .It lists those product
    by information of likley product you cna buy they get the idea by the previous customers
    who have bought product ..so its data..
    3 Oracle Oracle has come out with Adaptive technology .The idea is it has got massive huge data in cloud.
    It identifies the relationship with the data and it will give you intellegent decisons.
    Data and events are tracked from everywhere so recommendations are coordinated across channel.
    They will be able to give you insights in business, Content for next operation reiview is made by machines.
    Adaptive intellegence covers 3 main area application ,intelligent platform and data.
    Adaptive intelligence applications are a new category of continuously adapting, self-learning applications powered by
    enterprise data from transactional business apps, such as customer experience, enterprise resource planning,
    supply chain management, and human resources. These are micro-solutions that operate without human bias and deliver a
    very high degree of confidence and on a very large scale.

    Adaptive intelligence platforms provide interactive data visualization capabilities to discover, explain, and predict
    outcomes. It does not compromise between the need for analytic speed by business users and the need to govern data
    access and preparation by administrators.

    Data used to power adaptive intelligence apps and platforms comes from many sources. Adapting these types of data
    generate observations through self-learning algorithms available in the apps. The apps consolidate data, including
    social data and profile information, from data exchanges.
    “Data is the fuel that drives organizations towards automation, but most organizations lack a comprehensive data
    strategy, one that seeks to acquire, curate, combine, and commercialize it,” Clayton says.

    Adaptive intelligent systems are not in the distant future, he concludes. “Their impact will depend on how quickly and
    accurately we can take advantage of all this intelligence.”

    5 Google deep drive
    6 SALES FORCE Einsteien
    7 Artificial intelligence agency company which directly impacts a magazine publisher
    automated insight has produced great tools on artifical intellegence..

    Their tool is called word smith .Now this intresting tool can do work of areporter
    it can study your data from various sources and make a story.
    Do you know that associated press uses robots to do write stories.
    Yes its all possible cause of arttifical intellegence and the company who has specliased
    ...Additoinal coming in next session. Web Analytics