• Journey to artifical intellegence for magazine publisher Part second?


    Journey to artifical intellegence for magazine publisher Part second?.

    Ai can even identify pictures and tell stories Though right now it can't for videos.but photos are stepping stone for something bigger.

    For relationship building

    There are software like nudge to improve your relationship with customers or prospective customers.
    And again it uses artificial intelligence


    from ipsoft and conversing are two chat bots which both use artificial intelligence. Ameliya can talk like a human. It can recognize voice and give answer in voice.
    It can be trained and being used in hotels,etc taking the role of receptionist or a sales staff.


    is digital chatbot and it can do significant advanced activities
    like a human can do .It can email the customer the brochure of the company.
    It can handle all introduction etc automatically. It is intelligent and if it doesn't know what it must do
    it gives instruction to the owner so more inputs can be given. The Best part is it learns and handles the situation better next time .
    Second place where a magazine publisher can use artificial intelligence
    is writing stories .


    is digital chatbot and it can do significant advanced activities
    Here the top companies are

    Ai Automated insights

    These programs read data from various sources and gives you a story.


    is a natural language generation (NLG) engine that lets you turn data into text at any scale and in any format or language.

    "Partnering with Influential to leverage Watson's cognitive capabilities to identify the right influencers and activate them on the right campaigns gives our clients an advantage and increases our performance" general manager, digital strategy and initiatives at

    Condé Nast.

    "We engage our audiences in innovative ways, across all platforms, and this partnership is another step in that innovation."

    By analyzing unstructured data from an influencer's social media feed and identifying key characteristics that resonate with a target demographic, the Influential platform uses IBM's personality insights into, for
    example, a beauty brand that focuses on self-enhancement, imagination and trust. This analysis helps advertisers identify the right influencers by homing in on
    previously hard-to-measure metrics –like how they are perceived by their followers, and
    how well their specific personality fits the personality of the brand.

    With information gleaned from social influencers on this platform, it can amplify brand campaigns of each
    publication and provide real-time reporting and insights, the company said in their announcement today.
    Over the last few years, brands have been investing in influencer marketing, and it’s
    becoming essential to have a strong strategy.

    Some of the other companies which uses artificial intelligence for magazine publisher are
    grade poof This specializes spellcheck also condensing your words and grammar.


    is digital chatbot and it can do significant advanced activities


    Synapsify is a data company that uses machine intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze content.
    This way, companies can better identify and share the most impactful, meaningful content, especially as it concerns
    customer feedback. It can view unstructured data as well as text from surveys, social media, and customer reviews
    and direct marketers to which content they should focus on. It even helps companies identify trends.
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