Are you translating your text in different language ? The state of Translation Programs.


Earlier Algorithm used to use statistical rules for translation. But new Algorithm Like neural network have been used which results in better translation.

The industrial leaders are Amazon Translation, Google translation and Deep l Translation.

Deepl is avaliable in 7 languages its operated by 20 employees .With a super computer runing in Iceland . It does a better job in translating compared to google.

This is a link for google translate which can translate in more than 100 languages.

Translation done through machine might not reach 100% accuracy so you can in between use a human to do the change and this can help in faster translation .

Following are links for various translation services.

Translation can be done not only for text ,document but also for audio and video .
The words in audio can be put as text and vice versa.

  • Statistic Based engines learn through statistical analysis of a bilingual text, generally provided by the developer or user. These engines essentially develop an understanding of existing rules to determine the unique relationship between the source language and target language.
  • Neural Based engines are the most modern approach to MT. Neural networks are designed to mimic how the human mind learns, gaining more knowledge over time. These engines seek to understand the context of what is being translated to properly predict the correct word choice.

Neural based machine translation engines are much more capable of capturing, and even understanding, the intent or meaning of a sentence, and therefore have been quickly replacing older statistical models. The idea here isn’t just swapping one word for another based on a rule or phrase.

Instead, the NMT engine is working to understand the intent behind your content in order to maintain and retain that particular message and tone in translation.

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There is a company which specializes translation called smartling. They were able to improve translation time for websites from 5 days to 10 minutes.They are using approach of using translation ai plus humans to achieve the goal. Also they have older data about translation .So they can be cost effective to achieve the goal of translation.

Translations as you observe are going to be further improvised as time goes by. Of course there will be need of human translators but using machine translation will save a lot of time and reduce cost.


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