Unique membership number  .

Now this number can be a unique number combined with its category type plus its expiry period.The idea is when a subscriber calls you up you just ask his membership number and you know immediately his status .Also you able to search the record based on the number

When you renewing a member you should be able to see his older membership details.Even after renewing all his older membership subscription details needs to be visible easily.

Document generation process.
Having a automated process to generate various documents depending on situation .Like introduction letter when a new member has joined . Or a renewal notice if a subscriber is about to expire.

Generation of labels can be automatic.
During dispatch the labels can be generated automatically at a click of a button.Time is saved. Labels can be sent depending on various situations and the situation and condition can  be defined by you. It is dynamic.

Sending magazines as complimentary .  And then converting them to paid subscriber.

Keeping track of dispatches.Knowing which subscriber has  been not reciving magazine for each issue and taking proactive steps to handle the issue.

Experimenting with various campaigns to increase subscribers.
You can add subscriber client and sell magazine via various campaign.
You need to keep proper track of which campaign is getting successful.Discount campagin, Gift campaign,1 st month free complimentary magazine campaign and need to check which campaign is successful.


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