1 Everything can be done easily in excel.
a) According to both PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG, more than 90% of corporate spreadsheets have material errors in them. Meaning, in a company with 10 spreadsheets, nine would have errors.
If each has only one error and that error is spotted within three months, then each error costs $165,000 on average. Copyright © , IT-Director.com

b) Untrained Individuals
While the information contained in spreadsheets can be critical, it is oftentimes the lesser qualified people within a company that are putting the spreadsheets together.

c) Multiple Versions of a Spreadsheet Being Used
A common mistake is to have multiple versions of “the same” spreadsheet floating around, each of which has various changes that have been made, impacting accuracy of data.

  • Hidden Cells
    Many times, hidden cells within spreadsheets can affect the accuracy of the spreadsheet. This problem can be compounded with multiple versions of the spreadsheet.
  • Insertion – Rows, Columns and Cells
    Adding rows, columns and cells to a spreadsheet means the cells might not be included in critical formulas, even if the information looks like it is there.

d) Password Protecting
Password protection in Excel gives a false sense of security. Programs such as “jack the ripper” can easliy hack spreadsheet security in less than 5 minutes

  • Spreadsheets Used for Analysis are Easiliy Changed or Modified
    With no audit trail in Excel, fraud is difficult to prevent because numbers are easily changed and if verification is not done independently, there is no way to catch the error.
  • Duplication of Data – Double Entry
    Multiple spreadsheets for each business segment can cause double entry of information as well as blind spots to information.
  • cloud
  • 2   Lot of cloud solutions available

    Organizations that move significant amounts of data should think twice before moving to the cloud because bandwidth prices can be all over the map.
    Remember you never own the software but you  use the software on hire.

  • Bandwidth prices for cloud computing can easily rack up unexpected costs, especially when dealing with performance and security setbacks.
  • In fact, trading algorithm developer Deep Value estimates that using Amazon EC2 is 380 percent more expensive than having an internal cluster. insideHPC.com’s Rich Brueckner described the claim that cloud services could lower the cost of high-performance computing as being “owed more to marketing hype than to reality.”!
  • Users’ security can be automatically affected by anything that happens to their cloud provider. Additionally, anyone using a public or shared cloud can experience a data breach and information loss through no real fault of their own. This drawback makes public clouds a potential nightmare for enterprises running mission-critical applications with high-availability and compliance or regulatory requirements.In cloud based hosted solutions you don’t own the  software you only pay the hire charge.Moment you don’t pay the rental cost  you can loose the full data.
    It all depends on the vendor atleast in case of  offsite solutions you have the software with you. Also there is no risk of losing the data and  your application.
    And you can keep it  running life long.
    Remember you never own the cloud system you only take it on hire.
  • 3 We already have a  team of talented it staff and we will develop the software with very few features. We are ready to forego the benefits of using a professional software since we plan to enter software business later or we need the product in reduced price since we have it professionals who claim to have a lot of expertise skills. We are ready to take the risk and spend time on implementing the software.



We hate automation.  Before automation, we had a lot of work.
We were very busy with work. Now the label generation is in fingertips.
With a click the person knows the whole history of the member.
This is not good cause all information is with the manager compared to earlier days where everyone had to come for information to us. I could tell any nonsense and everyone will believe.N ow everything is easily observable via the report.


5 Legacy based system.

Our legacy system is based on dbase or foxpro or  cobol.
We love them since we in control of these beautiful systems..
Though we cannot  use windows based facility on these programmes ,
Nor we  don’t mind  facing data corruption issue   cause of no support from the original vendor or multi user locking issue  we love our existing system since it involved a lot of learning  and training using these system .We don’t love windows based system we love our old dos based system since we only know dos. We care for our company  .We will take the company to  a different league.





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