Earlier when a user needed to make a interactive website the cost was very huge and time consuming . They had to have a team of developers to develop the interactive website .

Some of the main features of these websites will be content management system.
There can be editors who will access the website using a  admin module .
The contents will be added by the users who can be the editors .
And immediately the   changes will be impacted.

Such sort of development project will  have costed from 4000 dollars ,2000 pounds or  3500 swiss francs.

Now technology helps publishers create such website at a affordable cost of  say 500 dollars .
There are lot of content management software available in market

The easy one are wordpress

The other content management software to be used are Joomla or Drupal.

There are some wordpress specific theme specially for magazine  publishers

Some of the examples are shaifa theme  ,Fox theme ,etc

Example of  a fox theme which is a wordpress theme .
Any user can use the theme ..All you need is some proper training .


This is a example of sahifa  theme .
You can see below the breaking news section the news is actuall a link which is easily added by a user. The images and  contents are easily added by the editor and its visible in home page . When any of the image is clicked it takes your screen to respective page.


Showing you below is a example of wodpress admin module.. for shaifa theme
As posts are added they are reflected in shaifa theme .

So when you use a cms systems following are the consideration

1 If you need a cms with not too much customisation and you ready to adjust then wordpress is the theme
2 Incase you need A cms with  advance customisation Joomla and drupal are the ones to be considered.



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